Nogueira Máquinas Agrícolas emerged in 1957 by the Nogueira Brothers in the city of Itapira-SP with the production of its first DPM machine, a reference in national agriculture and has also become known throughout America, Africa and the Middle East.

Over time and the acquisition of new equipment developed by competent engineering, it has a product mix that serves the most diverse cultures divided into 6 lines: Stationary Livestock Division, Harvesters & Platforms, Storage, Haymaking, Mixers & Handlers and Agricultural.

It has a highly qualified team and more than fifteen hundred resellers spread throughout Brazil and the world that with fast and efficient technical assistance ensures peace of mind when purchasing a Nogueira product.

In 2013, Indústrias NB became one of the largest groups of agricultural machines and implements in the world, thus adding more modernity, strength and respect to its customers.

NOGUEIRA: Essential in farming!


Nogueira is aimed at customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of its processes and the development of its employees, making communication and understanding of the quality policy is the responsibility of all in the form of company planned with knowledge oriented creativity of each one providing resources and conditions that ensure the implementation of this policy and these goals to quality, ensuring an adequate and efficient system.