CSN 2.0

CSN 2.0 Forage Packer  is an equipment produced to assist and speed up the compaction process, saving time and fuel and also facilitating compaction near the edges and increasing the density in the silo, optimizing also the process of fermentation, reducing mold and mildew losses, thus reducing storage costs.

CSN 2.0

Technical Characteristics
Drive Tractor
Height 1255 mm
Working width 2000 mm
Equipment weight (empty = no water and no ballast) 1300 Kg
Water reservoir (capacity in Lts) 500 Lts
Ballast weight (always mounted in pairs) 160 Kg unit = 320 Kg per pair
Total ballast capacity Maximum of 3 pairs
Total machine weight = (machine + water + 3 pairs of ballast) 2760 Kg
Compacting disc diameter 900 mm
Number of disks 9
Min. Capacity lift 610mm tractor without ballast and without water 1600 Kg